Monday, July 25, 2011

Bridge Blog 432: The yellow brick road

            Could be the Queen Elizabeth Way leading to the NABC Tournament this week in Toronto. Or the Thruway next week to the Syracuse Regional. Two back-to-back chances at getting those five gold points I need for Life Master.
          Two items of note as I scanned through the results so far on the ACBL website – Jeff Meckstroth and David Berkowitz, two of the best players in the nation, were there Thursday and walked away with 100 points in a team game. And a Swiss team of Buffalo players – Allen Beroza, John Ziemer, Judy Padgug, Michael Ryan and Judy Graf – scored 18.90 by winning a bracketed Swiss teams event on Sunday. Otherwise, not too many Buffalo names, but people from all over the world – England, Bulgaria, China.

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