Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bridge Blog 429: The new-found king

          Rangy, grey-haired guy named Zack Solomon shows up at the Airport Bridge Club without a partner Tuesday, gets paired with Mary Terrana, who’s a Strat C player, and winds up with a nice game of around 60%, which is good for first place in A, B and C, yielding 3.33 master points on this triple red point week at the club.
          Solomon is back on Wednesday, sits in on the lesson, then gets paired with Cleveland Fleming, who’s a Strat A player. They stick it to me and Celine Murray in one of our hands -- Zack opening with a pre-emptive 3 Clubs, which I double (I have a big hand), then Cleveland bids 4 Clubs and Celine chimes in with 4 Diamonds. Having just three Diamonds in my hand (and a singleton Club), I pass. We make 4 Diamonds, but it's a bottom board. Everybody else is in 3 No Trump, making a couple overtricks. Zack and Cleve turn in a 69% game, good for first overall, yielding 3.67 points. Seven points in two days! Hail, King Solomon.

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