Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Bridge Blog 960: Clean swoop

Announcing the winners Tuesday in the biggest game of the year – 13 tables – at the Airport Bridge Club, director Bill Finkelstein is incredulous. First east-west, first in A, first in B, with 62.81%, earning 4.31 master points, half of them red, Val Derenda and Dale Anderson!
Though Val and I share a birthday, we play together rarely and haven't had much success together, so this was totally unexpected, even though I felt like we were having better than a 50% game.
What helped it along were some well-placed doubles, three of them, which earned us two top boards. What also helped were no bottoms.
This just might be the most points I've ever earned in a regular club game and it's certainly cause for celebration. What's more, it pops me past 20 points for the month all in one fell swoop. Hallelujah!

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