Friday, March 10, 2017

Bridge Blog 945-A: The awful proof

This month has been pathetic, redeemed only by the occasional miracle of stratification. Here’s the sorry story:
March 1 with June Feuerstein, 48.21%, second in C, 0.22 of a point.
March 2 with Marietta Kalman, 45.46%.
March 3 with Pawan Matta, 49.31%, third in B, 0.28 of a point.
March 4 with Denise Slattery, 49.89%, second in C, 0.22 of a point.
March 6 with Nadine Stein, 46.19%.
March 7 with Joyce Greenspan, 37.96%.
March 8 with Marilyn Sultz, 45%.
March 9 with Marietta again, 44.87%.
March 10 with Selina Volpatti, 45.86%.

Of course, as you can see by Blog 945, it’s a joint effort and I do more than my share of fouling up. 

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