Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Bridge Blog 888: Hot and Cold

I’m off to a roaring start in May. Two games. A first and a second-place finish. Thanks to the extra point awards at the Airport Bridge Club, I’ve collected 4 and a fraction master points already.
Seems to me, though, that April started the same way. I was leading the club’s monthly master point race after the first week or so, but then got waylaid by some terrible 30% games and a health crisis on the home front, which had me attending to my significant other through a series of doctor appointments and a surgical date. I missed the final five days of the month.

In the end, I finished somewhere around ninth in the club’s master point derby for April with 10.55. Plus it looks like the ACBL has finally gotten around to awarding the points from that Senior Game back in the beginning of March, where Judie Bailey and I were second in the district. Will that be enough to maintain my position(s) when the ACBL posts the monthly Unit 116 and District 5 master point totals? We’ll see later this week. 

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