Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bridge Blog 886: Don't look now, but ...

         I just passed the magic 2,000 master point mark. According to the ACBL, as of March 31, my career total stood at 1,994.15. So far in April, there have been extra point games at the Airport Bridge Club and I’ve collected a few.
        April 1 with Dottie May, 57.28%, tied for first, 1.79 points.
        April 2 with Ron Henrikson, 48.44%, first in C through the miracle of stratification, 1.10 points.
        April 4 with Usha Khurana, 47.22%, third in B, another miracle, 0.98 point.
        April 5 with Barbara Sadkin, 56.25%, second in A North-south, 1.58 point.
        April 7 with Judie Bailey, 44.58%, no miracles, no points.
        That’s 5.45 club points, plus 1,994.15 = 1,999.60.

        So it actually finally happened in today’s Swiss team game in the sectional tournament. Hallelujah! Those two winning rounds for 0.58 points were just enough put me over the threshold. 

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