Sunday, February 14, 2016

Bridge Blog 881: Uncrowned

Yours truly was the winner of the January master point race at the Airport Bridge Club, but did my 15.18 tally find its way into the ACBL registry? Noooo.
Neither did any of the other point leaders at the club. Allen Beroza had 13.54 points; Mike Silverman, 13.44; Liz Clark, 13.18; Bill Boardman, 12.93; Dotty May, 10.95; Judi Marshall, 10.34; and Barbara Libby, 10.16.
Instead, the Unit 116 (Buffalo) Ace of Clubs race for all point divisions shows Meg Klamp, who’s wintering in Florida, on top with 27.16. Then it’s Jay Levy with 12.43 and Ron Henrikson (in Florida) with 11.27. I would be second, dammit!
As for the Mini-McKenney, which includes club and tournament play, my 3.22 silver points from the Buffalo Winter Sectional are there, but that’s it. In the new Ruby Life Master division (1,500 to 2,500 points), I’m ninth; 78th overall in the unit. Add in that 15.18 and I’m third, behind David Hemmer, who’s second in the unit overall with 43.34; and Sharon Gerstman, 21.61; but ahead of Fred Yellen, 16.32; and Art Morth, 12.97. Nobody else in this division is in double digits.
If we barely register in the Unit 116 listings, we’re virtually invisible in the District 5 races, where we usually dominate the Ace of Clubs. I would be the district leader among the Ruby Life Masters, fractionally ahead of the current No. 1 lady, Mary Lou Naughton of Pittsburgh, who has 15.05.
In all, 68 players are on that list. Not one of them comes from Unit 116. Put the Airport Club players in there and we hold our usual healthy chunk of the top 10.
At least some of us are represented in the Mini-McKenney. David Hemmer is second, behind perennial top dog Sue Lan Ma of Kirtland Hills, Ohio, who has 67.27. The rest of the top five are unfamiliar names – Barry Boyd of Wheeling, W. Va., 42.65; Darlene Mannheimer of Pittsburgh, 32.18; and John Bacon of Shaker Heights, Ohio, 32.11. Sharon Gerstman is eighth. The list (78 names) stops at 4.15 points.    

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