Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bridge Blog 843: Not so August

I was back at the tables full time this month, but with one week to go, you’d never know it. The master points didn’t show it. Despite daily triple-point NAP qualifying games at the Airport Bridge Club, my take as of Aug. 24 was an anemic 6.65 points, 3.21 of them red.
Then, as luck is wont to do, it changed, beginning with a 54.49% game with Barbara Sadkin, fourth overall and good for 1.43 points. That was followed by a miraculous 54.50% effort with Celine Murray, third overall for 1.69 points; a 51.60% with Bill Boardman, rewarded with 0.89 of a point; and a 55.95% session with Selina Volpatti, third overall, second in our direction, first in B overall, for 1.97 points. All that almost doubled my point production for the month.

It also made me want to check the ACBL website to see where my career point count stands. 1,869.93 as of the end of July, 64.79 of them this year. With a reasonable amount of luck, I could hit 1,900 before the Buffalo Regional Tournament in October. 

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