Monday, May 18, 2015

Bridge Blog 837: Rochester Regional Roundup

           Was the Rochester Regional a pale reflection of the Syracuse Regional, which it replaced this year? Not too pale. The ACBL tournament website tells us Rochester had 969 tables, with 581 players earning 5,083.99 points. The 2014 tournament in Syracuse had 1,002 tables, with 611 players earning 6,056.32 points.
          The point deficit was most dramatic at the top. Last year in Syracuse, the top player earned 105.55 points. This year’s leaders, tied for first, had just 68.82. One of the biggest guns, Martin Hunter of Mississauga, Ont., had 94.23 in Syracuse and just 68.73 in Rochester. In both cases, he was tied for third with his partner, John Duquette of Oshawa.
          Top player of my acquaintance at the Rochester tournament was 35th on the list, Janet Glazebrook from St. Catharines, Ont., with 29.71. Next was Liz Bryers, also from St. Catharines, with 26.22 in 37th place. Our knock-out teammates, Courtnay Footman and Gary Amundson, were tied for 40th with 25.70.

          Most successful Buffalo player was Mike Ryan, 58th on the list with 18.81. Doctors Shakeel Ahmad and Manju Ceylony had 17.73, tied for 71st. Judie Bailey and I are next, tied for 80th with our knock-out winnings of 16.44. A little further down, there’s a cluster of Buffalo players – Ken Meier and Gaurang Sheth with 13.49, tied for 107th; Gene Nowatniak with 13.45 at 109th; and our knock-out final opponents, David Heussler and David Colligan with 13.33, tied for 110th. Frequent high scorer Saleh Fetouh was next, in 125th place with 11.82. 

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