Monday, February 9, 2015

Bridge Blog 820: St. Catharines wrap-up

Visiting players were the top nine master point winners in the 61st Annual Niagara District Sectional Tournament over the weekend. David Baker of Kitchener, Ont., took home the biggest haul – 36.36 points.
Local players don’t check in until the 10th, 11th and 12th places – Jeremy Smee with 20.41, and George Morrissey and Brian Macartney, both with 19.43. Leading Buffalo player was Saleh Fetouh, tied for 14th place with partner Ringo Chung with 17.34 points.

Next Buffalo players on the list are Bert Hargeshimer and partner Christy Kellogg, tied for 92nd with 4.28, just behind my Sunday Swiss team partner Selina Volpatti, who had 4.29. Me, I’m in an eight-way tie for 361st with my measly 0.34. In all, 378 players earned points. Total tournament table count: 356.

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