Friday, January 23, 2015

Bridge Blog 816: Buffalo Winter Sectional, Day 1

Chemo brain. What else would prompt me to get into a 2 Spade contract on this, the very first hand of the day Friday in the Main-Transit Fire Hall? Why else would I ignore Walt Olszewski’s double? After all, we’re vulnerable. Could be because I thought my four-card black suit was Spades.

Board 15. I’m dealer. Here are the hands.

Spades: 7; Hearts: A-K-8-3; Diamonds: K-10-8-2; Clubs: 10-8-6-3.
Spades: A-Q-J-2; Hearts: 6; Diamonds: 9-6-3; Clubs: Q-J-9-7-5.
Spades: 10-9-6-5-4-3; Hearts: Q-5-4; Diamonds: A-J; Clubs: 4-2.
Spades: K-8; Hearts: J-10-9-7-2; Diamonds: Q-7-5-4; Clubs: A-K.

I opened bidding with a pass. Partner Judy Kaprove opened with a Club. East – Martin Pieterse – bid a Heart. Me, thinking my Clubs were Spades, bid a Spade. Walt, sitting West, bid 2 Hearts. Judy bid 2 Spades. Walt doubled. Down three vulnerable. 
Actually, we can make 2 or 3 Clubs, depending on who plays it. The likely result on the hand record shows East-West playing it at 3 Hearts doubled, down one.
We stabilized after that and wound up with a 52% game, seventh in B in our section North-South for 0.36 of a silver point. I’m happy enough. Overall, there were 32.5 tables, a fine turnout. Uncertain of stomach when the session started, I settled it with nut bread and tea. My head was clearer when it was over.

As I was filling my plastic plate, Unit 116 president Sue Neubecker jested about the time I went out and bought extra cream cheese when the original supply ran out at a sectional a few years ago. She assured me there was plenty this time. Not necessarily so.  When I surveyed the few remaining bagels during our sit-out, halfway through the game, cream cheese was nowhere to be found.

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  1. So sorry about this terrible news Dale, I wish you all the best in your treatment.

    Dave Hemmer