Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Bridge Blog 813: Answered e-mail prayers

When I didn’t find cumulative master point race totals for the District 5 Summer STaC, I was dismayed. They were in that dumb slick page format and nowhere were there overall totals.
So I e-mailed whoever it is that’s on the receiving end of the STaC e-mail address and – miracle! – they’ve got cumulative totals for the Winter STaC on the District 5 page. So to whoever did it, thanks a million.
In all, 1,113 players earned 2,644.64 silver points in STaC play earlier this month in Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and points in between. And five of the top six were from the Pittsburgh area, headed by Constance Hoechstetter of Moon Township, with 23.72, and Bernard Fodor of Murrysville with 20.84.
Top player from the Buffalo area turns out to be Shirley Cassety, who’s in 12th place with 13.34. Great player, but last I heard she isn’t a member of the ACBL. Shirley, you ought to be official. The other big winners from Western New York Unit 116 are:
Jerry Geiger, 12.68, 16th.
Marian Morber, 10.67, 26th.
Martin Pieterse, 8.34, 43rd.
Fred Yellen, 7.92, 49th.
Wilson McClaren, 7.87, 51st.
Allen Beroza, 7.86, tied for 52nd.
Ron Henrikson, 7.57, 57th.
Mike Silverman, 7.11, 64th.
Shakeel Ahmad and Manju Ceylony, 6.53, tied for 79th.
Joe Rooney, 6.51, 82nd.
Bert Hargeshimer, 6.47, 84th.
Linda Vasallo, 6.00, 97th.
Judy Padgug, 5.99, 98th.
Bud Seidenberg, 5.97, 99th.
Joan Rose, 5.92, 101st.

Where’s my name? Way-y-y-y down in a tie for 186th place with a guy named Roger Howey, no hometown listed, with 3.88 points. Far cry from the Summer STaC, when I earned 11.50.  

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