Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bridge Blog 807: Regional recap

The heavy hitters were in the big room at the Fairgrounds Events Center for the Buffalo Regional Tournament last week, but I didn’t spot any of them. Three of the overall District 5 point leaders were on hand – Ohioans Fleur Howard, Phillip Becker and Michael Craeger – but they were immersed in the high-level knock-out games, so they never crossed my path.
Tied for the top of the heap in master point winnings were two of the Toronto honchos – Martin Hunter and John Duquette – who took home 85. They won three knock-out competitions for 20.12, 30.61 and 32.83 of those points.
You have to look down the list to 19th place to encounter the first player from host Unit 116 – Jim Gullo, with 34.82 points. Good work, Jim. After him, the locals start to show up with more and more regularity. Here they are through100th place:
Jay Costello, 28.85 (24th).
Mike Ryan, 28.18 (25th).
Saleh Fetouh, 25.63 (35th).
Davis Heussler, 23.70 (38th).
Yichuan Luo, 23.23 (39th).
Donna Steffan, 22.99 (43rd).
Judy Padgug, 20.98 (46th).
Ken Meier, 18.85 (52nd).
Kathy Pollock, 18.52 (53rd).
Judy Graf and Fred Yellen, 18.08 (tied 58th).
Liz Clark, 17.39 (64th).
John Ziemer, 17.31 (65th).
David Hemmer, 17.01 (71st).
Bert Feasley, 16.71 (72nd).
Linda Burroughsford, 16.37 (74th).
Joanne Kelley, Eugene Harvey and Chongmin Zhang, 15.44 (tied 81st).
Jay Levy, 14.78 (86th).
Gaurang Sheth, 14.20 (90th).
Bob Padgug, 14.13 (91st).
Martha and John Welte, 13.12 (tied 100th).
My 9.77 points put me in 138th place, tied with none other than Jerry Geiger. My playing partners are further down the list: Joe Miranda, 6.35 (202nd); Usha Khurana and Mona Karna, 5.41 (tied for 237th); Judie Bailey, 4.55 (259th); Ruth Wurster, 4.15 (278th); Betty Metz, 3.62 (298th); and Marilyn Sultz, 3.46 (300th). In all, 476 players earned points.

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