Monday, March 17, 2014

Bridge Blog 746: Green day

Traffic was so light en route to the Airport Bridge Club on St. Patrick’s Day that it felt like a real holiday. Club manager Bill Finkelstein treated it like one, hosting morning and afternoon sessions, like he does on Presidents Day, Columbus Day and Martin Luther King Day. The free lunch this time was corned beef and cole slaw.
Partner Usha Khurana wasn’t wearing green (she recounted how she once wore eight green things to try to win a St. Patty’s contest at another bridge club) and thought she was still jet-lagged from her return trip from India last week. Me, I was just my usual sleep-deprived self, especially since I had to wake up an hour early for this occasion. At least I had enough green for both of us. Shirt, watch and some emerald Mardi Gras beads.
Fuzzy around the edges, we missed a couple games we should have bid in the morning session, and I blundered into a couple unwise sacrifices, but we managed 55%, fourth overall in a 5 1/2-table Howell, for 0.39 of a point.
The afternoon’s six-table Mitchell game found us well-fed and increasingly fatigued, which suggested that we were due for a fall. Not so. We improved slightly to 55.42%, first North-South, for another 0.60 of a point. Could this be the birth of a new streak?
P.S.: Total for the month is now 6.97. Total for all of February was just 6.87.

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