Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bridge Blog 729: Stuck on STaC

I’m still recovering from the STaC (Sectional Tournament at the Clubs). Two games a day for seven days seemed like tournament regimen, except in a real tournament I would have taken the nights off from work. When it’s over, there’s laundry to do, plants to water, mail to open and loose ends to tie up.
Loosest end was the final District 5 tally for the STaC and my personal reckoning for the week. You’d think all that bridge and nearly $100 in entry fees would have been massively rewarding, but noooooo.
I had one big score – that 61.93% game Monday afternoon with Barbara Sadkin – fourth in the district-wide B strat, 4.09 silver points. After that, it was dribs and drabs. First overall with 57% in a three-table game Wednesday afternoon with Celine Murray, which gave us 1.33 points. Second in B with 51% with Dotty May Friday afternoon, winning 0.69 of a point. And a single-round victory in Sunday’s Swiss team match with Beverly Dale, good for another 0.26 of a point (after Beverly and I came in dead last twice on Saturday – 42.26% and 35.40%).
Total for the week: 6.37. That puts me in a tie for 104th in the district with the lovely Linda Milch. I won’t complain, even though more points were there for the taking. The overall master point winner, Kathleen Sulgrove of Twinsburg, Ohio, had 30.69.
Top Unit 116 (Western New York) player was Harry Cheung. Fourth overall, he had 25.37. Next local player was John Ziemer, seventh with 23.33. After them come Jerry Geiger (15.12, 22nd), Vince Pesce (14.79, 23rd), Judy Padgug (11.86, 32nd), Mike Silverman (10.81, 40th), Stan Kozlowski (10.35, 44th) and partners John Fiegl and Joanne Lafay (8.72, tied for 56th, all from one 63.22% game Monday morning).
How does this compare with my previous STaCs? Summer 2013 was 11.61, 24th overall. Winter 2012 was 10.37 (36th). Summer 2012 was 9.28 (48th). Winter 2011 was 13.91 (29th). To find a less productive STaC than this one, we have to go back to Summer 2011, when I got a miserable 1.92 points.  

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