Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bridge Blog 725: October from a distance

One of my worst point-getting Octobers ever, coming on top of a pretty darn poor September. Since the Airport Bridge Club was late reporting the September scores, the latest master point tallies on the ACBL website will show two months worth of deterioration. I’m almost afraid to look. Almost, not entirely.
OK, my year-to-date point total is 162.21, of which 140.03 are Ace of Clubs points, earned in club play. Where does that stand me?
Miraculously, I’m still fourth in the Unit 116 Ace of Clubs race. John Ziemer tops the list with 222.40, followed by Mike Silverman (167.82), Liz Clark (167.29), me, Ken Meier (123.73), Fred Yellen (109.49), the late Carlton Stone (101.65), Paul Libby (100.98), Judy Padgug (99.99) and Carolyn Siracuse (95.31). Biggest Ace of Clubs winner in the unit is Jerry Geiger (2,500 to 5,000 points) with 250.36.
Over in the Unit 116 Mini-McKenney race, which includes all the points from everywhere, I’m seventh. John Ziemer’s on top of this list, too, with 322.14. Next come Liz Clark (193.43), Mike Silverman (183.41), Ken Meier (174.83), Judy Padgug (173.84), David Hemmer (162.74), me, Fred Yellen (140.73), Paul Libby (125.06) and the late Carlton Stone (111.31).
Onward to the District 5 level, which includes Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. The Ace of Clubs list once again is dominated by Unit 116 players. We hold the first five positions and 10 of the first 13. Missing the Unit Top 10 but making the District Top 25 are Vince Pesce (92.66, tied for 15th), Elaine Kurasiewicz (81.25, 24th) and Dorothy May (80.29, 25th).
In the Mini-McKenney, the Cleveland and Pittsburgh players show their power. Continuing in first place is Michael Creager of Brecksville, Ohio, with 450.69, followed by Peter Merker of Mentor, Ohio, with 323.69. John Ziemer’s 322.14 makes him a very close third. A somewhat more distant fourth is Fleur Howard of Gates Mills, Ohio, with 313.32.
Liz Clark is ninth, Mike Silverman is 12th, Ken Meier and Judy Padgug are 15th and 16th, respectively. David Hemmer is 17th and I’m 18th. No other Buffalo players are on the list. It closes out at 142.06.
On the national level, Judy Zhu of Naperville, Ill., tops the 1,000 to 2,500 point Ace of Clubs list with 338.08, followed by Robert Ramos of Davie, Fla, with 279.83 and Kenneth Wagner Jr. of Hollywood, Fla., with 259.76. John Ziemer is eighth. Mike Silverman is 57 th. Liz Clark is 58 th. The list stops at 151.51.
As for the Mini-McKenney, it’s Jim Johnsen of San Diego with 1,012.41, followed by Shan Huang of Toronto (that’s where I’ve heard the name – see Blog 724) with 964.26 and Judy Zhu with 728.62. District 5 leader Michael Creager is 21st. John Ziemer is the lone representative from Unit 116. He’s 88th. The list cuts off at 309.57.

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