Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bridge Blog 717-A: Scoping October

Lagging in September, I’m acutely aware of the need to step up my game in October, but so far that hasn’t happened in any reliable fashion. So in order to maximize my chances, I’m looking to take every available opportunity to play.

I would have played today, Sunday, Oct. 20, if the opportunities were right, but the Unit 116 Eight Is Enough Swiss team game starts too late for me to make it to work on time, or even reasonably late. I was all set to show up partnerless and teamless for the Airport Bridge Club’s rival Swiss team game(s), where the time frame works for me, but I got a call in my seat at the Buffalo Sabres game last night saying, “No Swiss.”

I know I need the points, but since the Airport Club has not posted anything about the October master point races yet, I’m in the dark about how well or poorly I’m doing. Unless, of course, I look in my datebook and piece things together. Let’s do a rundown of the month so far: 

Oct. 1 with Marilyn Sultz. 43.98%. No points.

Oct. 2 with Celine Murray. Couldn’t find the score sheet. Probably no points.

Oct. 3 with Ruth Hnath (thought I was playing with Dianne Bloom, but nooooo). 50.93%. No points.

Oct. 4 morning with Selina Volpatti at the Airport Club. 55.72%, first in B. 1.04 points.

Oct. 4 afternoon with Selina Volpatti at the Airport Club. Swiss teams. 0.38 points, including 0.09 gold.

Oct. 5 with Usha Khurana. 50.60%, second in C. 1.40 points.

Oct. 6 with Myra Razik. Swiss teams. Tied for first in morning session. 1.63 points.

Oct. 7 with Usha Khurana. Can’t find this score sheet, either. Pretty sure we earned no points.

Oct. 8 with Barbara Sadkin. 43.40%. No points.

Oct. 9 with Celine Murray. 55.55%. First in our direction. 1.38 points.

Oct. 10 with Dianne Bloom. 46.99%. Second in C. 0.22 point.

Oct. 11 with Selina Volpatti in St. Catharines. 50% even. No points.

Oct. 12 with Beverly Dale. 49.39%. No points.

Oct. 14 morning with Marilyn Sultz. 49.30%. Third in B. 0.32 point.

Oct. 14 afternoon with Marilyn Sultz. 44.70%. No points.

Oct. 15 with Barbara Sadkin. 50.32%. No points.

Oct. 16 with Celine Murray. 44.05%. No points.

Oct. 17 with Dianne Bloom. 39.35%. Dead last.

Oct. 18 with Selina Volpatti in St. Catharines. 51.10%. No points.

Oct. 19 with Beverly Dale. 55.70%. First in B in our direction. 1.53 points.  

OK, let’s add up this sorry collection of results. If I’m not mistaken, it’s 7.90, almost as miserable as September.


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