Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bridge Blog 713: Day 0.5

           Missed all of Friday’s first day of the Buffalo Fall Sectional Tournament, which is something I never do (see Blog 712), and then I only play half the second day Saturday due another pressing social obligation. Worse yet, after Friday’s freewheeling bid fiesta in St. Catharines, I had little to work with sitting east in the morning session with Celine Murray.
          Not that I mind playing a supporting role, but Celine was not at her best. Twice she made a mistake in play akin to the whopper I committed Friday, putting down the wrong card. She plunked down a Queen of Hearts on one hand, thinking it was trump, but Diamonds were. Not only did she fail to take that trick, but she also missing collecting a Heart trick later with the Queen.
          I was guilty of even more disastrous mishaps when I eventually became declarer. Twice I guessed wrong in trump finesses where there were three cards left, one of them honors. In both cases, if I went up with the Ace from the dummy, I would have nailed the outstanding honor card on the fence. In each case, I discovered later, this cost me about 10 match points. Give us those and we would have had a 50% game, or maybe a little better. As it was, we finished at 45.35%, 11th out of 14 East-Wests in our section.
          Attendance seems to be very good at this sectional. There were 28 tables in the morning session, including at least four Canadian pairs that I had seen Friday, and someone said there were 32 on Friday, a total boosted by some folks from Rochester. Could make for a bigger-than-usual Swiss team session on Sunday.

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