Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bridge Blog 704: Milestone watch

   That 1,600 master point mark is so close I can taste it. So close that I may have accidently crossed the line Tuesday when birthday girl Barbara Sadkin and I finished first in the B strat at the Airport Bridge Club with a 54.89% game.

    Let’s see, according to the ACBL, my lifetime total at the end of July was 1,596.28. Now let’s add up what’s happened so far in August – 0.63 Thursday with Celine Murray, 0.36 Friday in St. Catharines with Selina Volpatti (53.21%, fourth in B), 0.51 Monday with Marilyn Sultz (51.39%, tied for third in B) and Tuesday’s 1.69. Total: 3.19. Anything more than half a point on Wednesday and that’ll get it.

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