Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bridge Blog 675: Unaccountable

Just as suddenly as the weather has turned perfectly springlike, my bridge game as taken a turn for the sunny side.  I’ve scratched now for three sessions in a row.
First was with Usha Khurana on Thursday, a 51.62% game, third in the B strat, 0.28 points, despite being perplexed at times (see Blog 674) .
Then Selina Volpatti and I had our best session yet in the St. Catharines club, 56.92%, 0.36 points, fourth in the B strat overall in a 16-table game where everyone was jammed into the room they don’t use any more because the floor was being replaced in the room they always use. This despite Selina being exhausted from chairing a six-hour meeting the night before.
Finally there was the individual game Sunday at the Airport Bridge Club’s Cinqo de Mayo sesssion, where you have a different partner every round and play by the standard yellow card, which means no fancy conventions.
One which works despite the restrictions is the 2 Spade bid relaying to 3 Clubs over a 1 No Trump opener. I know, because I needed to consult with the yellow card before I used it. I corrected my partner to 3 Diamonds and he went on to 3 No Trump, making it.
In a game where you never know how well you’ll do, I did well – 57.95%, third overall, for 0.60 point, doubling my point tally for the month so far.
Speaking of monthly points, the ACBL has my pending total for April at 16.50, plus those 5 points they’re belated getting around to including from the ACBL-wide charity game in March. But there’s still something missing – that quarter of a point from April 26 in St. Catharines.

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