Friday, June 22, 2012

Bridge Blog 539: Points of many colors

          June is a month of multiple master point possibilities. There are the usual black points you earn from club play. Then there are the silver points from sectional tournaments, in this case the District 5 Sectional Tournament at the Clubs (STaC). And then there are red points, which are acquired in North American Pairs qualifying games, which are held for two weeks and actually award half red points and half black points.
          So when I go to check on my monthly totals on the bulletin board at the Airport Bridge Club, it’s a more complex reading than usual. As of Wednesday, June 20, it looked like this: 4.55 red, 8.45 silver, 6.66 black. Total is 19.66. Add that .83 point district bonus for the big game Celine Murray and I had during STaC week and, whaddaya know, I’m having my first 20-point month of 2012.

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