Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bridge Blog 358:Triple or nothing

          Now that the STaC is over, the Airport Bridge Club is offering triple points at almost all its games. Coming in Monday, Dec. 13, without a partner, I got teamed with a really good player – local STaC leader Jerry Geiger – and came to realize where the shortcomings are in my game. That day it centered around card signaling. I missed several of his and didn’t make the ones I should have. It felt like a pretty good game, anyway. And it was – 54.17% -- but we were playing in the A strat and that was not quite enough to win points.
          On Tuesday, I picked my way through the snowstorm and sat down opposite Marietta Kalman, with whom I sometimes have a really good game. This was not one of those times. It was a medium game – 48.08% -- which sometimes is enough to win a fraction of a point. This also was not one of those times.
          Wednesday – my last chance of the week before heading off to New York City for a family weekend – and I’m with regular Wednesday partner Celine Murray. Although it seemed as if we didn’t make that many mistakes, we didn’t have that many top boards either in this 6.5 table game. We weren’t last, but at 46.67%, we weren’t that far away. So point count for the month stays right where it was at the end of the STaC, just under 10 points.

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